NYC HD Color Trio Review (Influenster)

I received my first Vox Box from Influenster a few days ago! It was filled with goodies including NYC HD Color Trio Eyeshadow. The color I received was "Long Beach Sands". So far I am really enjoying this eye shadow. It is long lasting with just the right amount of shimmer and shine. I like the fact that it comes with three colors and you can use the lightest to highlight just below the brow and the darkest right along the lash line for a classy look. I will continue to use this product as well as purchase some additional colors.

*I received this product compliments of Influenster for testing purposes.


Influenster Jolly Vox Box

I received my Jolly Vox Box from Influenster about a week ago! It came filled with some amazing items. I received Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer, NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow, Ducklings Mini Roll, Puffs,  and Skinny Cow Candy.

This is my first time getting a box and I am so excited. Plowing my way through each item and testing them out has been a lot of fun.
My favorite item so far is the Skinny Cow Candy. What girl does not like chocolate? They are filled with creamy peanut butter and the chocolate is rich and smooth.

The NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow is a great product. Easy to apply and long lasting, with just the right amount of sparkle.

Rimmel London Show Off Lip Laquer is just the right amount of gloss and color. Feels great on the lips.

Ducklings Mini Roll is such a cute little roll of duct tape. It holds well and comes in super cute patterns and fun colors.

Puffs Tissue, trusted well known brand that I will continue to use. Love the little individual packs, just perfect for your purse, car or diaper bag.

All in all I loved each of the items in this box and I cant wait to get the next one!

*I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Winter on the Central Coast

I actually miss the snow, never thought in a million years that I would. So to get over it I went outside to the side of the yard and looked for something pretty to take my mind off of it. It had just stopped raining and was a comfy 50 degrees out. As I looked around I realized that I should be thankful to be in such a lovely area and not having to stress about driving in the white stuff :D Here are a few shots I took, it is so strange that everything here is still thriving and blooming. Apparently it "greens up" here in the winter when the rains come, something that will take some time getting used too!

So  where ever you are, take a moment to look around and embrace the beauty around you! You will be glad that you did :)


This day...

This day was spent at the beach, about a week or so ago :) I like to explore and walk so we headed out to check out the Pismo Beach pier late evening. Nothing much going on but the kids had fun messing around in the sand! Here are some photos I took while we were there.  Pretty happy how these snapshots turned out as its been quite some time that I have had any time for photography.

 Mikaela showing me the sand

 Looking pretty :)

 She rubbed her eyes and got sand in them...bless her heart, she was pouting for quite a while

 Looking very grown up in his new glasses!

 Ahhhha, there is a smile

He found the trick to a good sandcastle, the sand needs to be semi wet! We cant wait to get back out there for more fun and next time I will take some location photos so you can see how pretty it is where we live!

Stay tuned for more :P